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Stop here for all information regarding our sale.  The actual shop will not be accessible until we are open.  We will have a variety and inventory list available for viewing here.  Actual inventory numbers are subject to change at any time. 
Important Information *READ THIS FIRST*

1. The ESDA is tentatively scheduled to package donations and establish an inventory on March 19th or 25th.  As those varieties and numbers become available, a list of varieties will be available on the sales page with inventory set at zero.  This is a PREVIEW only and is no guarantee these will be available for the public sale. Varieties can and will be added or removed up until the public opening, tentatively scheduled for April 1.

2. Access to the actual shop will be restricted until the sale officially opens.  Password protected access will be provided to paid 2022 ESDA members.  Members that have donated tubers and helped with the sale will have first choice on purchases, then paid members, then the general public.

3. Varieties and inventory is subject to change at any time.  Prior to the sale opening, we will try to maintain an accurate list on this page, but numbers will change as member orders are processed.  

4.Due to limitations of the shop platform, items in your cart ARE NOT PURCHASED until payment is finalized. ESDA has no control over the shop limitations.  Unfortunately, inventory numbers are NOT updated until payments are made and as such, there is no guarantee that items in your cart are truly available.

5. To make check-out easier and faster, consider setting up an account on our site, where you can pre-enter your information.

6. Multiple orders can be combined but you MUST indicate this on your order.  

7. Payment is limited to either in-person (if picking up) or PayPal.  We are unable to process credit or debit transactions in any other form.

8.  All items will be shipped by USPS.  Please note that shipping rates are based on USPS flat rate shipping fees.  Please consider single, larger orders to avoid multiple shipping charges.

9. Orders will be pulled and processed at a club event scheduled for 4/15 and shipped the following week.

11.  If there is an issue with your order, please contact ASAP.  We will try to rectify any problems to the best of our ability.  Please  note that due to relatively low inventory numbers per variety, a replacement CANNOT be guaranteed and may need to be refunded.

2023 Tuber Sale tentatively scheduled to open April 1
Shipping date tentatively scheduled to start April 15.

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